Easy Installer cannot open Colibri iMX7D SOM

Colibri iMXD 512MB v1.1C
Colibri Eval Board Rev.3.2
Easy INstaller running on a Windows 8 PC, connected to
I am just getting starting with an iMX7 SOM that was previously flashed with a Torizon image.
I am booting the SOM in recovery mode and the host computer is seeing the USB OTG.
I have tried Colibri-iMX7_ToradexEasyInstaller_5.6.0+build.9 and colibri-imx7_toradexeasyinstaller_1.8-20181019 and got the same result: “Could not open devide vid = (…)”.
Is it that version 1.1C of that iMX7module is a bit old and needs a specific EasyInstaller version?


Never mind, I just went through all the USB ports until one finally worked. I guess some USB controllers are compatible, and some are not…