Earlier versions of Toradex Easy Installer

Where can I download earlier versions of Toradex Easy Installer? I need the original one for my module, v1.3

On this page I can only find v1.8: Toradex Easy Installer

@pederalm, is there any particular reason why you need the older version? It would be good to understand your intention to see if anything can be improved with our current Toradex Easy Installer version.
You an download Toradex Easy Installer 1.3 for Colibri iMX6 here but note, we don’t provide any support for older versions nor do we recommend downgrading to them. We always recommend using the latest version.

@roman.tx, thank you for the download link

During development we bought some modules and TEI v1.3 was installed on them, but now TEI is overwritten.

When we later will go into production we want to use TEI to install our custom u-boot and RFS. But to verify the production step we want to have the original version of TEI on our development modules, because we assume that the modules that we will by later will have that same version installed.

It would actually be a good idea to specify in your shop the installed version of TEI for each module.

And why not make all previous versions of TEI available on your homepage?

@pederalm, Okay, I understand now. Thanks for your explanation. Note, we don’t guarantee a certain version of Toradex Easy Installer on our modules when we ship. We produce to stock and therefore also cannot exactly say, when a new version of the installer will be shipped to you as we don’t change the product number for each new installer version. We develop the installer to be backward compatible, so also newer installer versions work with your setup. I recommend you do the tests now with the installer 1.3, but also with our latest 1.8 version. Both should just work flawlessly. We usually just add new features, or then fix critical bugs in our installer updates.
Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.