Dynamic switching between small TFT and large DVI on Colibri T20

In our product, in addition to a small TFT, which is always available, our customers might occasionally attach a large DVI monitor (Iris board, Colibri T20, .NET C#) as well.

Unfortuantely the (very simple) GUI designed for a small TFT does not necessarily look good on a very large DVI display where a more feature-rich GUI would be expected.

  1. Is there a hotplug detection feature for DVI on Iris/Colibri so that we can dynamically switch to a large-screen version of the GUI when the user connects a monitor?

  2. and, can the small TFT be dynamically (without editing the registry, etc.) turned off when a large screen is connected. Otherwise the design for large screens will be shown on the large display and simultaneously on the small TFT, where it will not look good.

Thank you in advance

@Henry: There is an option to detect the hotplug and also switch off the screen. Unfortunately this is an system DLL and not documented yet. We try to put together a small demo how this can be done.

I gathered together some code that probably could do what you want (disable / enable screens, detect hotplug pin for DVI). I try to give you an update until end of next week.

Hello @Henry,

We reworked the Tegra Multidisplay Demo. You can download it from here.

To get notified about attach / detach a screen you can call mdRegisterHdmiEvent. To enable / disable a screen you can use mdDisplayActivate and mdDisplayDeactivate.

The demo code also shows you how to show some different content on a second screen, probably you don’t need this part. Never the less, check the demo code to understand the concept. If you need further assistance, please let us know.

@samuel.tx Thanks. We will test the code and write back if any questions arise.