Dual Ethernet Carrier Board

Is it possible release Dual Ethernet Carrier Board document (https://docs.toradex.com/103662-colibri-vfxx-2nd-ethernet-reference-v1-0a-schematics.zip) in Altium Designer project format for download ?
Thank you.

Hello Miloslav,

We only did schematics for the Colibri VFxx 2nd Ethernet as reference for our customer.
No reference PCB was created.
Altium project for the same was not preserved.

Except the KSZ8041NL schematics symbol and footprint, rest of the components (schematics symbol and footprint) used in the reference schematics can be found in the Altium projects available on the developer website (like Colibri Carrier board/Iris Carrier Board/Viola Carrier Board).
You can copy the symbols and footprint from any of the project (schematics and PCB library) mentioned above.

Sorry for the inconvience !!


Satyan Raj

Regarding this HW implementation, does the WINCE BSP already support the second Ethernet?

@dnicholls, please create a new question for your request. We need to keep this forum clean which means one question, one answer. Thanks for your understanding!