DSI to HDMI adapter compatibility


I’m using a custom carrier board with a DSI to HDMI connector according to V1.0 of the Toradex DSI-HDMI Adapter. We started with this carrier board using a Verdin Mini SOM. Now we switched to a Plus module and still want to use the same carrier board with the connector for the V1.0 Toradex DSI-HDMI Adapter. (The newer adapter V1.1 is using another connector…)
I know from the compatibility table that the Verdin Plus module is compatible to the V1.1 DSI-HDMI Adapter only. But I’m wondering if this is just due to different connectors or if there is a reason why the V1.0 should not work together with a Verdin-Plus module? Are there maybe any specific dev-tree settings needed in order to make it running?
When comparing the datasheets from V1.0 and V1.1 of the adapters, they look very similar except for the board-to-board connector they use.

When trying to apply the dev-tree overlay for the lt8912 I get the following errors during bootup:

[    0.741120] imx-drm display-subsystem: bound imx-lcdifv3-crtc.0 (ops lcdifv3_crtc_ops)
[    0.749131] imx_sec_dsim_drv 32e60000.mipi_dsi: version number is 0x1060200
[    0.756141] imx_sec_dsim_drv 32e60000.mipi_dsi: Failed to attach bridge: 32e60000.mipi_dsi
[    0.764418] imx_sec_dsim_drv 32e60000.mipi_dsi: failed to bind sec dsim bridge: -517, retry 0

I’m using Toradex BSP 5.6.0-devel-202202 with an Verdin Plus V1.0 Module and a custom carrier board.

Thx in advance!
Regards, Ralph

Hi @Ralph !

Unfortunately, there were several changes from 1.0 to 1.1 version of the DSI to HDMI adapter.

The following was changed:

  • Pinout
  • GPIO assignment
  • Device tree
  • Schematics

You can try to get the differences by comparing:

  • Schematics
  • Datasheets
  • Device trees

You can find all these files on our Toradex Developer website.

The recommendation is really to use fully-compatible parts.

Best regards,

Hi @henrique.tx!
I understand that there have been several changes, but the question is if it is in principal possible to bring up the v1.0 adapter with the Plus module by changing software only.

  • So the pinout should not be the problem as we have designed it for the mini module with the 1.0 adapter.
  • The device-tree with GPIO configurations can be adapted and I already tried to change it accordingly by comparing the two versions. Unfortunately I ran into the posted errors from the mipi_dsi unit.
  • The drivers should be the same, the Lontium and the EEPROM chips have not changed.

So is there a chance to have it running by adapting the dev-tree accordingly or is there a show stopper, what do you think? I’m also wondering why you made the v1.1 adapter pin incompatible - was there a reason for that?

BR Ralph

Hi Ralph,

If you still have a design based on 1.0 you should be able to make it running by adapting the software.

Best Regards,