Dropbear Visual studio with password

So i was able to build my application in visual studio 2019 and send files from my windows PC to the module.

I then enabled a password for root

With visual studio i can send files to my linux build machine (ssh) but it now fails to send to the module (using dropbear)

I can use other programs to transfer files using the modules root password

Anyone else been able to fix this issue ?

Hi @adrian,

That’s really strange.

Are you using the default Reference Image from Toradex, or have you done a custom build through Yocto?

Can you paste the error when you try to send your files to the module through Visual Studio?

Can you access the module through SSH or SCP using other software (like Putty and WinSCP)?

Best regards,
André Curvello


I can send files using programs other than visual studio and entering the password.

Its only when i added the need to enter a password that it fails. Just reports no connection.

I am wondering if i need to change to using keys instead of a password approach.

I was hoping someone else has had this issue and has a solution.

As dropbear is a slimmed down version of ssh, i guess there is some compatibility issue

Ok… So it seems to be a Visual Studio issue.

I saw a similar issue as yours here at this link.

Best regards,
André Curvello