DRAM memory on i.MX95 Verdin EVK

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Which DRAM device is used on the Verdin EVK board, LPDDR5 or LPDDR4X?
What is the package of the DRAM?
What is the maximum speed supported by the DRAM?
What is the density of the DRAM?

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The Verdin iMX8M Plus, which is part of the Verdin family, typically uses LPDDR4X DRAM. The specifics, such as the package, maximum speed, and density, can vary based on the exact model and configuration of the module. However, for the Verdin iMX8M Plus series:

  • DRAM Type: LPDDR4X is the memory type used.
  • Package: The DRAM is integrated into the System on Module (SoM) itself, utilizing a package-on-package (PoP) or similar integrated circuit packaging technology, depending on the specific module design.
  • Maximum Speed: The LPDDR4X memory on the Verdin iMX8M Plus supports speeds up to 4266 MT/s (Mega Transfers per second).
  • Density: The density of the DRAM can vary, but Verdin iMX8M Plus modules typically offer configurations that range from 2GB to 4GB.

For the most accurate and detailed specifications, including the DRAM package and its performance characteristics, it’s essential to refer to the datasheet of the specific Verdin iMX8M Plus module you are using. The datasheet will provide detailed information on the memory configuration, including type, speed, and density, tailored to the specific version of the module.

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