Dp83867ir gpio1/2

Good evening, Support.

I’m looking at either the Verdin AM62 Dual 1GB ET (0073) or Verdin AM62 Dual 1GB IT (0074). I noticed that there are two sets of pads for SMT components on GPIO_0/GPIO_1 (pin 39, 40) from the DP83867. If they were connected, where would these be routed to? I’m looking at the possibility of using SFD signals for increased-accuracy hardware timestamping.

Thanks in advance!


(note rotational difference in image vs pinout diagram)

That pins are not connected.

Thanks for the quick reply. They are indeed not connected, this is why I am asking.

If these pads were joined by a resistor or solder, where would GPIO_0 and GPIO_1 go?



By populating the missing resistors, those lines can be pulled up or down

Okay, thank you!