Downgrade VF61 image form 1.5 to 1.4

I need to downgrade image on my Colibri VF61 modules from v1.5 to v1.4.
I can do this using recovery mode for bootloader downgrade and using eboot command prompt mode for image downgrade. In this case all is OK.
But for production purpose I use programming script:

echo Copying bootloader and image
..\utils\cecopy .\Images_1.5\update.exe dev:\FlashDisk
..\utils\cecopy .\Images_1.4\eboot.img dev:\FlashDisk
..\utils\cecopy .\Images_1.4\nk6.bin dev:\FlashDisk 

cd ..\Misc
call ClearRegistry.bat
cd ..\Images_VF61

echo Flashing bootloader
..\Utils\rapistart.exe \FlashDisk\update.exe /u bootloader,raw,\FlashDisk\eboot.img
ping -n 5 >NUL:

echo Flashing Image
..\Utils\rapistart.exe \FlashDisk\update.exe /u os,bin,\FlashDisk\nk6.bin 
ping -n 5 >NUL:

cd ..\Misc
..\utils\cecopy configblock.cfg dev:\FlashDisk\configblock.cfg
..\utils\rapistart.exe \Flashdisk\update.exe /u configblock,raw,\Flashdisk\configblock.cfg
ping -n 5 >NUL:
..\utils\rapimove -d \FlashDisk\configblock.cfg
cd ..\Images_VF61

cd ..\Misc
call ResetColibri.bat
cd ..\Images_VF61
timeout /t 1
echo "Waiting until ActiveSync will be started..."
echo "Deleting bootloader and image from Flashdisk"
..\utils\rapimove -d \FlashDisk\eboot.img
..\utils\rapimove -d \FlashDisk\nk6.bin

In this script I use a new Update Tool (updatetool.exe from Script works without any errors, but when I insert Colibri to evaluation board, I see message in serial console

Toradex Windows CE 6.0 1.5 for Vybrid Built Dec 18 2017

Bootloader version in this case is 1.4, as expected.
Why my script does not downgrade image?

Dear @Kpa87
one possible explanation: the file nk6.bin is not in the folder .\Images_1.4\
Regards, Andy

The file is on the folder, and copying to dev:FlashDisk is OK.
I tryed this script for upgrade from 1.4beta2 to 1.4 and got the same result (image version remain the same). But if I use “update.exe” from, upgrade works fine.
So I think the problem is in “update.exe” from
Do you have any ideas?

Dear @Kpa87

There’s not enough information to evaluate what’s going wrong. I suggest the following

  • Enable Debug Messages and monitor the serial output with a terminal program
  • Instead of running the script, execute each step manually
    • Activate additional verbosity for each command, if possible
    • After each command, verify that the command was executed correctly
    • Watch the output in the console and the terminal program to spot any possible errors
  • Let us know which step failes, and what was the error message. It might be useful to post the full output of the console and the terminal program here for reference

Regards, Andy

I think I have found the problem. When my script executes command

 ..\Utils\rapistart.exe \FlashDisk\update.exe /u os,bin,\FlashDisk\nk6.bin

This command runs in the background, but my script continues to execute next commands. What I have to do to wait fo completion of updating image?

I have a new information about problem.
When I use Colibri Evaluation Board v2.1, the command

..\Utils\rapistart.exe \FlashDisk\update.exe /u os,bin,\FlashDisk\nk6.bin

works fine only if there is inserted SD card with image file nk6.bin.
Why ‘update.exe’ uses file nk6.bin on SD card, although I wrote ‘,\FlashDisk\nk6.bin’ in command?

Now I have a new problem with UpdateTool v7.3.0.
When I use Colibri Evaluation Board v2.1, the command

..\Utils\rapistart.exe \FlashDisk\update.exe /u os,bin,\FlashDisk\nk6.bin

works fine.
But when I use our own device (industrial PocketPC), this command doesn’t run. I see a message “Update failed” in CeRHost window.
Do you know any hardware dependencies of UpdateTool?
We didn’t have this problem with UpdateTool from image archive v1.4.

Dear @Kpa87
I was able to reproduce the issue. It happens also without rapistart.exe (just calling the update.exe from the WinCE command shell).
You can find attached a preliminary nightly build of the update tool, with this issue fixed.

Regards, Andy