Does vs2017 support WinCE6?

I would like to know if Visual Studio 2017 can support developing apps for Win CE6.
Currently im using vs2008, but i can’t find where can i purchase the professional edition of vs2008.
Thanks, Jonathan.


No. Visual Studio 2017 does not support WinCE 6.0, WEC7 or WEC2013.

Easiest way to get Visual Studio 2008 is to get MSDN subscription.

Visual Studio 2017 does not support Windows CE development. Visual Studio 2015 only supports Windows Embedded Compact 2013.
You may check with a Windows Embedded Distributor:
If you have a MSDN subscription you should also be able to download and install previous releases of Visual Studio (but it’s better to double check your MSDN terms and conditions, since this may change depending on subscription type and maybe country).

Hi @valter.tx as this comment is of march 2017, i would like to ask same question that does VS2017 supports to wince13/7. and can we degrade the VS2017 version to VS13 or upgrade VS2008 to VS13, because we have VS2008 and VS2017


Please check Microsoft MSDN forum : The reply from IoTGirl is
direct technical support team from Microsoft