Does the RPM work just with strings?

Does the RPMSG just work with characters?
I was testing values and when I send values as 0x3 0xA from the Linux, the M4 receive extra values. Is that because the Linux treats the rpmsg as a tty? This values relate to EoT and LF.

(Baremetal running on M4)

Greetings @Ilan_Figueiredo!

Yes, it’s exactly because Linux is using RPMsg as a TTY.
TTYs expect ASCII data so if you need to send any binary or hex data, you should first convert them to ASCII.
The same would happen if you were to transfer any binary files over serial, for example.

I solved the assymetry by sending a ‘\n’ from the M4 (Baremetal) to the A7 (Linux) after the message and expecting an discarting extra character from the Linux after the message.


Fair solution! Glad this works for you.