Does secure boot supported on toradex imx6ull

I am currently working on enabling a secure boot project in the imx6ull.I have followed the steps which is mentioned in this link completed till generating SRK table.Before moving to next step,
i have few questions,that is
1.Can we able to implement the secure boot on toradex imx6ull?
2.Is mfgtool is support for imx6ull toardex?
3.Does Toradex supports for flash the images using mfgtool?
4.In toradex imx6ull,how to fuse the values to board,is there any application?
5.Is there any documentation describing the secure boot configuration for the iMX6ull by Toradex?
6.How to sign and encrypt the images in imx6ull toardex?

Hi @sowmyam,

Unfortunately Toradex do not have any documentation for same available at this moment. The article what you refer should work for secure boot using HAB on nxp processor.

Please check few post which might be helpful for futher understanding

All said, certainly it is possible to use HAB just that we do not have tested this topic completely. If you still like to discuss kindly drop us contact details on to further discuss on requirement and what best we can support on secure boot.

Thanks & Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar