Does core-image-minimal runs on Colibri IMX6?

Hi… I followed the Toradex instructions about the download and build of OpenEmbedded(core).

Sourcing the export script there is some suggestions about typical and Toradex bitbake targets.
A typical yocto/oe minimal size target is “core-image-minimal” instead, the minimum size Toradex target is “console-trdx-image”.
Unfortunately console-trdx-image is several times bigger than core-image-minimal.

Does core-image-minimal. is supposed to work on a colibri IMX6 board or do I’ve to use a toradex target as starting point for preparing a minimal size image?

Thanks, JoeBre

Dear JoeBre

Yes, building core-image-minimal will work and give you a working kernel, dtb and rootfilesystem.

The deployment tarball which combines these three plus some x86 tools though will not be created. One way out of this is to take one of our release tarballs and replace kernel, dtb and rootfilesystem in there and edit rootfs/etc/issue. Another would be to require recipes/images/ in your image.

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