Docker Yocto Builder


I have made an example Docker builder image. Tested on Ubuntu 20.04 and Manjaro.

I hope that will be useful.


Hi Hüseyin,

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful Docker image. I have tested the minimal image generation for Apalis i.MX6 and Colibri i.MX8X and it works like a charm. It is a good alternative to baking Yocto.

One point to consider, due to licensing issues, every user must locally accept the NXP EULA and it should be commented on your container local.conf file (#ACCEPT_FSL_EULA = “1”).

Again, thanks a lot for your active contribution. It is the spirit of community.

Best Regards,

Due to this Community space being intended to feature requests for our products, I suggested to our team to change your post to Technical Support Community.

In the Technical Support community, users looking for solutions or easier ways to implement things can take full advantage of your work and I expect them your post have more visibility.

Again, thank you.


I have commented the license lines.

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