Docker-compose is not building Dockerfile


I am relatively new to docker-compose and to the torizon-builder tool, and so I am experiencing some difficulties with it.

I am trying to costumize a TorizonCore image for production, building a Dockerfile on my build machine, using the torizon-builder bundle command, so as to be able to pre-provisioning Docker Container Images.

So, on my docker-compose.yml file I specify the “demo” container as follows

command: --virtual-keyboard http://demo:8000

context: ./toradex-presentation/demo
dockerfile: Dockerfile
image: demo
command: /home/user/

when I execute following command:

torizoncore-builder bundle custom/docker-compose.yml --bundle-directory bundle --platform linux/arm64 --force

, but it returns:

Creating Docker Container bundle…
Starting DIND container
Using Docker host “tcp://”
Connecting to Docker Daemon at “tcp://”
Fetching container image torizon/weston-vivante@sha256:a485503fb0334d8f71a127b93f428339d744ff15349f2ac1061cdf30e1866833
sha256:a485503fb0334d8f71a127b93f428339d744ff15349f2ac1061cdf30e1866833: Pulling from torizon/weston-vivante
sha256:a485503fb0334d8f71a127b93f428339d744ff15349f2ac1061cdf30e1866833: Pulling from torizon/weston-vivante
3716b9f3c2f9: Pull complete
sha256:a485503fb0334d8f71a127b93f428339d744ff15349f2ac1061cdf30e1866833: Pulling from torizon/weston-vivante
3716b9f3c2f9: Pull complete

14363476cd31: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:a485503fb0334d8f71a127b93f428339d744ff15349f2ac1061cdf30e1866833
Status: Downloaded newer image for torizon/weston-vivante@sha256:a485503fb0334d8f71a127b93f428339d744ff15349f2ac1061cdf30e1866833
Fetching container image demo
Stopping DIND container
Error: container images download failed: 404 Client Error for Not Found (“pull access denied for demo, repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied”)

I have the following directory tree
├── docker-compose.yml
└── toradex-presentation
├── demo
│ ├── App
│ │ ├──
│ │ ├── requirement.txt
│ └── Dockerfile

Is torizon-builder able to build Dockerfiles using docker-compose images on my build machine, or am I doing something wrong?

Best Regards,

Greetings @adrmateu,

The bundle command simply fetches the images as specified in the given compose file. It does not interpret anything else in the compose file. As such all container images in your compose file should exist and be pull-able prior to running the bundle command.

Best Regards,