Docker build error with torizon/debian-lxde:buster


I’m trying to follow the guide at this address: Writing Your First Dockerfile = ixora-carrier-board & os = torizon

When compiling, I have this error:

Step 2/3: RUN apt update & apt apt nano -y
 ---> Running in 0abd71c903ec
standard_init_linux.go: 211: exec user process caused "exec format error"
The command '/ bin / sh -c apt update && apt install nano -y' returned a non-zero code: 1

I tested with several configuration:

  • ubuntu 18.04 with docker version 19.03.2, build 6a30dfc
  • windows 10 Home with dockertoolbox

I still have the same mistake. If on the other hand instead of:

FROM torizon/debian-lxde:buster

I use:

FROM ubuntu:18.04

the compilation is going well. Do you have an idea of ​​the problem ?

note: with mac os and docker desktop the compilation succeeded.


Greetings @paloutic,

As stated in the guide at the top of the page here: Module 3: Creating My Own Container

That particular part of the guide requires Windows 10 Pro, due to the need for Hyper-V. This is because the container is made for arm32v7 architecture. So when you build it Windows needs to emulate it with Hyper-V.

If a version of Windows 10 Pro is not attainable for you at the moment then there is an alternative. You could run the commands and build the Docker container on the device itself since then it’d be a native environment.

Best Regards,