Do USBH_OC and USB_ID Pins can act as GPIO on Colibri iMX6 under WinCE 7?

Dear Support Team,

on our product, we only use USBH lines to connect with a USB Hub chip to provide USB Host interface, based on this application, do Do USBH_OC and USB_ID Pins can be used as GPIO on Colibri iMX6 under WinCE 7?

for HW side, i think there is no big issue, but on WinCE driver side, not sure if only disable USB OTG is enough as below article or more registry modified needed?


USBH_OC is used by the USB host driver, USB_ID is used by on-the-go. So you’ll have to disable both USB drivers at the moment. We plan to allow disabling of OC detection on host and you may configure the on-the-go controller as host or client only, making ID pin available as GPIO.
At the moment configuring the OC pin as GPIO generates some issues with USB devices.

Dear Valter,

got it, so currently we can only use USB_ID as GPIO by disable on-the-go driver and configure it as host or client only.

thanks a lot for the support!