Do the iMX7 examples work if you follow the wiki instructions

I have build a new Device tree, removed UART2 and 3, I have ignored unused clocks and checked the CORTEX-M4 code works when boot aux is run, but when I run boot from that point it freezes at Starting kernel.

I think I am missing some thing but I can’t find what it is, I have even build a new kernel and DTB, I am bit confused, I am new to this subject domain but have been in the industry a while, could any one help ?

First post, if I stuffed it up, sorry

There is an issue with Colibri iMX7D and the v2.6 Alpha 1 release rendering the Linux clock driver basically useless. I just created a ticket (which will show up on our roadmap) and updated the documentation as well as our release notes.

To fix the issue, I recommend to update the kernel with a kernel image built from the latest sources from the toradex_imx_3.14.52_1.1.0_ga-next branch. Refer to the developer article “Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code”.

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the response, I am about to under take a program where I am writing a real time application on the M4 and and data processing / Web UI on the A7’s, would you be able to point me to the stable branch for the kernel and U-BOOT, I guess from above I am gonna say ‘_ga-next’ will be the kernel, could you tell me the U-BOOT branch to use with this ?

Also I am assuming you guys will be doing another release soon ?

I am still learning my way around so if I could have found it and didn’t sorry

With the latest changes in U-Boot next we moved to a new device tree file name (imx7(s|d)-colibri-eval-v3.dtb instead of just imx7(s|d)-colibri.dtb). We did that for the upcoming migration to the 4.1.15 kernel on i.MX 7.

If you use the latest -next branch of the 3.14.52 kernel, you should not upgrade U-Boot.

If you use the latest -next branch of the 4.1.15 kernel, you need to update U-Boot too.

Our Q2 release should be out of the door by the end of the month… It will be a interesting release for i.MX 7 since it uses the new 4.1.15 Kernel.

Dowlingl, just noticed you last year mentioned wanting to get both A7’s running. That’s something we are working on. It’s my understanding that two linux’s would not play nice together as they would be trying to use the same resources on start up. Did you get a solution to build on both A7’s? erickrieg (at) gmail