Do I need HW changes if I change from TK1 V1.1 to V1.2?


I have get the information that TK1 V1.1A is EoL and I have to use TK1 V1.2A .
I have looked into the PCN for the Transition and have seen that some pins will changed.

If I right understand the MXM pin will have the same functionallity on V1.2A as on V1.1A only the SoC pin (Ball name) is changed. So I don’t need to modify my board and move the pin 84 (USBH_EN) to pin5 for example and the functionallity “USBH_EN” is now on SoC pin “GEN2_I2C_SDA”…is this right?

Thanks for your answer.


Yes, no carrier board level hardware changes should be required. Of course from a software point of view at least BSP 2.7b5 is required.