Display Rotation DSI Display on verdin imx8p 5.4 Bsp

Hi Team,

Board : Verdin imx8mp
BSP: Kernel 5.4
Display: DSI

I am working on DSI Display Rotation. Could not find any solution to rotate display.

Tried xrand commands but that is also not working fine.

We can use weston.ini for display rotation but it do not satisfy our requirements. As I this case we will have to restart weston service.

Is there any way we can rotate application like GTK, QT , pyhton GUI ?

Our requirement is to rotate display or any GUI application running on DSI display.

Can anyone help me with the solutions or any steps that can be used to full-fill our requirements.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Hemu8129

Welcome to Toradex community.

Is there any way we can rotate application like GTK, QT , pyhton GUI ?

If your developing a QT application, use qt rotation functions to rotate the screen from the application side.Please have a look at Here

Hi @ashok.tx ,

Thanks for the reply. I have gone through the thread.

I was looking for the demo application but unfortunately could not find it, below is the link for the demo application from the thread.

Link : https://share.toradex.com/jc5c59c0aoxfjok

One More question:
If we can use QT application for the rotation will it only rotate the content inside the QT window, or it will rotate whole QT application window?


Hi @Hemu8129

Unfortunately, that demo link got expired. I do not have any other sample application. Please have a look at this link