Display problems

Hardware : Colibri iMX7D 1GB (eMMC)
Version : V 1.1B
Career Board: Aster

Hello ,
I’m new in Toradex, I have some problem with 7 captative display,
I have ran Torizon core and Qt demo for testing Display but it has some problem such as:
Display resolution incorrect and right side of display has been black ,
Display seems has like glitch pixels,
Touch screen did not work at all.
I attached a picture:

I want some guidance.
Best regard

The default resolution at Qt demo is set 640x480. Looks like your display has a 800x480 resolution. You should adjust it as described here - Display Output, Resolution and Timings (Linux)

If you are using a Toradex Display you can apply a Device Tree Overlay.

In case of future questions - please specify your display brand/type etc and full name and version of image you are using