"Diskspace full" with Qt framework VS2008 for WinCE

I setup the Qt framework with VS2008 for WinCE as described here.
I’m able to build and deploy the little “Hello World” demo application as described here.
With larger applications I get the message “Diskspace full” as described here and I see there are three possible solutions for the deployment.
Since I’m not an expert of VS2008, could someone share a step-by-step procedure describing how to implement?

  • option #1: Change the deployment folder of Visual Studio to the \FlashDisk
  • option #3: manually placing all the Qt DLLs to “/FlashDisk/System”

Option 1: Right click on your project and select properties. Under deployment you will see remote directory. Change this to FlashDisk to deploy to flashdisk.

Option 3: You can put all the QT Dlls on USB driver and connect it to device. There you can copy them to \FlashDIsk\System.