Disable splash screen images

I’m using wince6 for my application. During boot i do not want to show any images ( disable splash screen).
But as soon as i disable it(Disable Splash Screen on Windows CE), screen getting complete blank.

How do i disable booting contents showing along with toradex image?

I have gone thru this link, but black image is not available there.



If you disable splash screen you need to save display settings in registry.
You also need to set this flag for operating system to use registry settings.

"UseSplashSettings"   = dword:0

We did follow procedure as per your instructions.

  1. disable splash screen using ss.enable=0, save ss
  2. Reg setting imported using attached file
  3. checked UseSplashSettings are 0 or not. It is already 0.

But still no change. Display not getting ON.

Pls find link for our display setting reg file.

Can you please compare settings in bootloader and registry? Do you see any difference?
Also do you use any other registry settings?

yes,there is difference in both setting. Currently we are using 7" touch screen having resolution 800x480. So I think registry settings are getting loaded with splash screen enabled. But when disabled, i don’t know whats happening.
Pls find below bootloader display settings

did you try to use same registry settings as you have splash screen settings? Do you maybe also disable explorer?

settings except screen resolution are all same. So no any difference.
Explorer is not disabled.
kindly help

Dear @kshah,

Please update the Black splash screen, this way you prevent to show the booting contents

Update Splash Screen:
Place this .dat file on a SD card and connect the card with the Vybrid module. The splash screen can be updated in the following two ways:

  • Use Update tool to update the splash screen.
  • Or go to Bootloader menu and write following command in the CommandPrompt mode and press enter key:

flashsplash splash_file_name.dat

After update, reboot the module.
For more information on Splash Screen settings, follow this article: Splash Screen

Thanks for the image. I also disabled dbginfo to eliminate all booting details.