Disable splash screen for IMX6

We are using our application on WinCE7 in IMX6.
When we boot imx7 with Tianma 7" Resistive display, the toradex logo during boot looks like this
How do I find correct display settings? After windows is loaded, display looks fine(Registry settings here).

Also we tried to apply black image mentioned in this link. But it gives error
“Error opening image file. The file must be in the root folder of the active part ition of the SD card”.
But same SD card works on VF61.
Is there any different setting for IMX6?

We also tried to disable splash screen. But screen looks like this.

How do I get rid of all these problems?

To configure the splash screen display you can set the field of ss config block parameter to the same values you used in the registry, like “ss.pclk” should match pclk in the registry.
This should allow you to see the right configuration.
How did you disable splash screen? Did you set ss.enable to 0 and save it like:
set ss.enabled 0
save ss
You can use Vybrid’s splash screen files on imx6, they use different bitmap formats.

Dear @kshah,

Please download the black screen splash screen for IMX6 from here.

Let us know if you need support on this. Thank you

Regards, Raja

Yes. ss.pclk was matching. Just ss.blw and ss.hsw were not matching. I did changes. I worked. Finally I can see Toradex booting image.
I disable splash screen : set ss.enable=0 save ss.

You mean to say “You can’t use Vybrid’s splash screen files on imx6, they use different bitmap formats ?”
If it is true, then could you please provide me BlackImage for Imx6?