Disable level 2 cache for EasyInstaller

I would like to disable the Level 2 cache while the EasyInstaller script is installing the os image (like the bootloader command pex.l2enable=0).
Is it possible to disable the iMX6 level 2 cache from the prepare_script and to re-enable from the wrapup_script?

I’m afraid there is no such option to dynamically turn on and off the cache from within the EasyInstaller.

What would be usecase for this?

We observe from time to time some corrupt files on the Colibri (not Windows files). The files are installed on the Colibri with our own setup program. We use a customized WEC2013 and also a custom bootloader. Symptoms are various error messages due to unexpected file contents.
Also, they cannot be copied to a connected PC because Remote File Viewer (“C:\Program Files (x86)\CE Remote Tools\8.00\bin\ccfilevw.exe”) stops with a modal “Unspecified error” messagebox while trying to transmit a corrupted dll.

Currupt files are very unlikely related to Level 2 cache.

The on-module flash disk on the Colibri iMX6 is implemented using en eMMC device. This device does some file caching on its own. When you write data to it, you should make sure that the data is properly written before turing off the power.
I don’t exactly know your installation procedure. The simplest way to avoid partially written files is to wait for a few seconds after writing the data, before turning off the system.