Device tree modifications

Could someone provide me with some basic tutorials for Device tree modification?

I took a look at Device Tree Customization, it seems that a new device Tree must be built via developing BSP from scratch using OpenEmbedded core.

is there a way to modify the current device tree that is installed (currently Linux Console Image ) and do not go through tough and time-consuming OpenEmbedded from scratch.

Hi @hsvz!

You can refer to our Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code article. This is useful when developing because you can build just the device tree, kernel or U-Boot separately, so you won’t need to build the whole image again.

Then to flash an individual device tree file, you can follow the instructions here, but instead of issuing run update, which would flash the whole image again, you would run run prepare_ubi then run update_fdt to flash only the device tree files located on your SD card.