Device tree customization

I have seen some device tree code related Colibri VF61,

pinctrl_portExpndrB: subSysIrqB
// SUB-SYS_IRQB& (P0_28)
fsl,pins = < VF610_PAD_PTB6__GPIO_28 0x21ad>;

and I need to modify above code to as per my custom Pin. So I would like to know What is

  1. fsl,
  2. pins,
  3. VF610_PAD_PTB6__GPIO_28
  4. 0x21ad

and How to modify this with following Pin,
Kindly please help on this

Have a look at the device tree binding documentation here for more information regarding the properties of vf610-pinctrl node.

Refer the device tree customization article for information regarding the pin configuration.

how to disable pins in dts file which is enabled in dtsi file wen i tried with ampersand its sayiny error

Please do not hijack old threads and create a new post on the same. Also please provide appropriate information like image version, module and device tree pin details.