Device Tree Customisation

I am new to Torizon core. I am trying to understand the Device tree customisation.
In device tree pinctrl along with Function ID we will define Configuration bits for Pad settings. In Pad setting bits the last 7 bits are for Pad Control Register and 31 bit is SION bit what are the remaining bits for and we are setting mux_mode through Function ID ,then what are remaining mux_reg, conf_reg, input_reg used for?

Is there any document regarding device tree function IDs and configuration bits definitions for all pins ?

Best wishes , Roshini.

Hi @Roshini_d,

Have you already checked this article where we have tried to give information for device tree

Additionally you can check for below link if you wish to know more about how gpio device tree works.

Please let me know if this does not helps.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar