Device tree contention

I’m using a custom carrier board. I have “GPIO3.IO11” connected to a peripheral chip reset pin and that needs to be taken high during boot. I’m using Torizon-Core builder with
device tree “imx8qxp-colibri-lvds-single-channel.dts”.

I also set up an overlay which contains a line ​"reset-gpios = <&gpio3 11 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;" The build indicates that the overlay successfully compiles but also indicates the overlay is
not applicable.

If I disable overlay line “reset-gpios = <&gpio3 11 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;” then the entire build completes successfully.

Why would overlay line “reset-gpios = <&gpio3 11 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;” result in the overlay not being applicable? Where is the contention?

The same happens with overlay line “enable-gpios = <&gpio3 11 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;”

Greetings @CEK,

Can you please share what exact error message you are getting when attempting to build the overlay?

Also can you share the full overlay you are trying to build.

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The highlighted section of the .dts file results in the error shown below. Without the highlighted section (code removed/text out) the entire build completes successfully

The .dts file:

The result:

Looking at your file, I can see you’re using a bit older device tree overlay syntax. If I understand your overlay correctly it seems like you’re trying to add this new kszchip_reset node to the iomuxc. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since iomuxc is only really for defining new pin groups.

I also see you’re defining a new pinctrl group, pinctrl_gpioreset. Defining new pinctrl groups and working with iomuxc in general with overlays can be a bit tricky.

Honestly what I would suggest is to just make the change directly in the device tree rather than via an overlay. Since you’re using TorizonCore Builder the effort should be similar. You can use the dt checkout command to checkout all the relevant device tree files for your device. Then you can just modify the files and compile and deploy the new device tree with TorizonCore Builder.

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