Deploying the U-Boot binary to an Image

I am trying to build a U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code.
I have successfully completed Building U-Boot, Building Linux Kernel and Building the Device Tree Overlays.
How to deploy these images into the target board ?
Here I am following the Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code article.
I have a little bit of confusion with this article. Please someone help me to overcome this issue.

Note: My target som is colibri Imx7D 1gb with colibri evalution board.


Hope you have see the Deploying methods in the same article.Here we have provided Apalis-TK1 as a sample and same steps are applicable to colibri-imx7.
1.Untar the Toradex easy installer image of colibri-imx7d-emmc(e.g Colibri-iMX7-eMMC_Reference-Multimedia-Image-Tezi_5.4.0-devel-20210831+build.409.tar).
2.Copy the compiled u-boot image(u-boot.imx) to Colibri-iMX7-eMMC_Reference-Multimedia-Image-Tezi_xx directory.
3.Now you will find the Reference-Multimedia-Image-colibri-imx7-emmc.bootfs.tar.xz file inside the extracted image.untar the Reference-Multimedia-Image-colibri-imx7-emmc.bootfs.tar.xz and copy the compiled kernel(zImage) and devicetrees(e.g imx7d-colibri-emmc-eval-v3.dtb ).
4.Tar the above bootfs directory and now your ready to flash the new image of Colibri imx7.
5.Flash the new image using Toradex easy installer

Hi @ashok.tx ,
In my compiled u-boot-toradex folder idon’t have the U-boot.IMX
here i am attaching the folder content .


Note: Starting with BSP 3, we use U-Boot based on 2019.07 which changed certain make targets to include -dtb in their names. If you need backward compatibility with older BSPs, make sure you explicitly state the make target e.g., as follows: make u-boot.imx . Otherwise, the new target named u-boot-dtb.imx will be built. However, the two are equal apart from their name.

This point i can’t understand.
From where to where I need to copy these files.

@ashok.tx we will close this topic.
thanks for your help.