Delay problem in M4 GPIO program

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We are working on M4 GPIO pins. When trying to switch ON and OFF the Led.

We are not able switch off the led. The LED is continuously ON.

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@narayanamohan: Could you point out the code you are using to switch the gpio in your zip-file?

Dear Jaski,
Kindly go to location in folder

The compiled file blinking_imx_demo.elf is also linked.


I checked your code.

First of all, the delay in at line 145main.c is set as a real value, this should be set as uint32 value. Secondly, you are changing all the time output with a delay of 100ms, so you will never see the changes. Please set the gpio output to a fix value and then measure the voltage at the output of the Pin you changed.

Best regards, Jaski