Delay 0.6s for console enable during kernel boot

I’m trying to improve kernel booting and it’s quite strange that there is 0.6s delay between the serial initialization and enabling the ttymcx0 console, does this really take so long? Is there any way to get rid of this delay? Changing kernel source code is fine if that’s the way how to speed this up.

[0.243171] 30860000.serial: ttymxc0 at MMIO 0x30860000 (irq = 51, base_baud = 1500000) is a IMX
[0.839608] console [ttymxc0] enabled
[0.844043] 30890000.serial: ttymxc1 at MMIO 0x30890000 (irq = 52, base_baud = 1500000) is a IMX
[0.853509] 30880000.serial: ttymxc2 at MMIO 0x30880000 (irq = 53, base_baud = 500000) is a IMX



Hi Coran

Which bsp version are you using? What is your application that you want to get rid of this delay?

It looks like that this delay is related to printing the kernel messages to the serial port, when I added “quit” into kernel command line, the boot time reduced more than time needed to print all the characters on serial port. I would consider this as solved, sorry that I didn’t try this before a wrote this post.

You can also disable the kernel messages and log completely. Please check this out. Maybe this will boost up your starting time.