Debugging with "use-wec2013-sdk-for-vs2008"


I have setup VS2008 according

Now I can compile and link for WEC2013 with VS2008.

But I am not able to debug.
I have uploaded to the device the files clientshutdown3.exe,CMAccept3.exe,ConmanClient3.exe,edbgTL3.dll
TcpConnectionA3.dll and DeviceAgentTransport3.dll and I have started successfully conmanclient3 and cmaccept3. But I do not get a connection.

Can I at all expect that debugging works from VS2008 for a WEC2013 device ?

Background: we have some older projects with WEC5 and WEC7 and I would prefer to have only one Visual Studio revision.

Thank you !

Hi @Frax222 ,

It would be great to be able to use one Visual Studio Version for all WinCE targets. I was trying to do that too, but so far i was unsuccesful. The reason why that you are trying to do does not work as because the files that you run on CE8 are of another CoreCon version than what VS2008 expects (the protocol is probably different)
Maybe there is a way (registry entry) to force the CoreCon on the device side to run in a compatibility mode?
Another idea would be to run the old CoreCon target side tools, but this is not possible as the binary format changed from CE7 to CE8 for ARM.
I think this is possible for X86 targets if i remember correctly.

If you have more ideas on which direction to try other things i also would be really interested, but at the moment the only way is to install VS2008 and VS2013 side by side.