Debugging via Ethernet on Win Compact 2013 with multiple Interfaces

Hey there,

im having trouble with comfortable debugging over ethernet with multiple interfaces.

According to the wiki (, it is possible to debug with multiple interfaces. All you have to do, is set up an interface order in the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\TCPIP\Linkage) and in theory, everything is fine. In reality though, this approach does not work.

So far, the only working solution is to disable all other network interfaces over the control panel (2 out of 3), solely leave the debug interface active and run conmanclient3 and cmaccept3 afterwards. Then, debugging is possible.

Also, trying to use VSDebugger.exe will show the ipaddress of an already disabled interface as debug address and subsequently not work.

Am i missing something?

Thank you

The latest version of VSDebugger.exe is designed to use the integrated ethernet controller of our modules, so if you plan to use a different network connection you’ll have to run the tools manually.
It seems that Conmanclient and CMaccept are also designed to use the first network card they find (they also fail if you run them before you have a valid IP), you may try to change priority of your network adapters to see if this solves the issue.

Thank you for responding. That sounds like an interesting approach, i would like to try if this works - but which priority are you exactly referring to?

if you open inside control panel and click on the network options and then on the advanced menu you should see a list of network adapter that you can sort.
Once you sort it with the adapter you plan to use for debugging on top you should save the registry.