Debug on VS Code

I’m working on Verdin iMX8MP Q SOM + Verdin dev. board
Running Torizon Core 6.1.0
I’m new to the Toradex SOM and I’m exploring the possibility to create and run Qt application on Torizon OS.
So I tried to create example project in VS Code from this link Qt C++ Application Development on Torizon Using Visual Studio Code | Toradex Developer Center
I successfully created the ‘Qt widgets sample’ example in debug mode and started to deploy it to board using debug option.
What I see on VS Code is that I can run the application step by step in debug mode but on SOM side the window with Torizon is STUCK so I can’t really run the debug process.
Also if I don’t set breakpoint then the application finish the process after several seconds

After reset of the SOM I saw that a new container was added and I can run the application directly on Torizon

So the question is: what I did wrong so the debug process not giving me a possibility to debug a GUI behavior of Qt application

Hi @yuragel !

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Does this mean that the application doesn’t appear on the module’s screen?

Sorry, but I am a little bit confused…

From this, I understand that you were able to correctly setup and perform the debugging.

From here I guess that maybe your breakpoint was defined before the application triggered the rendering of the window. Would this be possible?

Could you please also share:

  • Version of VSCode Extension for Torizon
  • The full name of the module (with its version as well)

Tip: you can stop the containers (like the Kiosk Browser, Portainer) by clicking on the stop button that you have for each container in your module on the Torizon extension tab of your VS Code.

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I use Toradex Torizon Support v1.5.1
SOM - Verdin iMX8MP Q 4GB WB IT

Yes - application doesn’t appear on the module’s screen during debug process and in general SOM screen is stuck.
But on the host (Ubuntu) I can set breakpoints and perform debug step by step.

No, I set the breakpoint on return statement at the end of application code. Also I run it without setting any breakpoint , same result.
Also I tried to stop Kiosk and Weston containers from Torizon screen at same time before I start debug process, same result. Also when I stop Kiosk and Weston containers or just one of them I got ‘blue screen’ on device screen.

Hi @yuragel !

Sorry for the delay.

I started a Qt Widgets application from the VS Code extension for Torizon just like you did and in my case, I was never able to see the application shown on my screen.

I will ask internally about it.

Meanwhile, if you want to test the Qt with QML, I think that you will be able to debug it.
I have used Qt with QML more than once and it went well for me.

But if you want the best development experience for Qt projects, Qt Creator is the way to go, as the VS Code Extension for Torizon doesn’t try to completely replace it.

Hi @yuragel !

After asking internally, I learned that for TorizonCore 6, the new version of the Extension should be used:

Could you try it? Please be aware that it is still in development.

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I tried the new version " Toradex Torizon Support (Early Access)" with other example of using GPIO with Torizon.
Unfortunately with same result - the module screen is freezing and no debug process can be performed.

Hi @yuragel

could you confirm if you are using this one: Toradex Torizon Support (Early Access) - Visual Studio Marketplace

If yes, so you should use this one instead: Torizon IDE Extension - ApolloX - Visual Studio Marketplace

Let us know if this works for you.

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Hi @yuragel !

Do you have any news regarding this topic?

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I confirm that I tried to use Toradex Torizon Support (Early Access).
Unfortunately I switched to some other project so I don’t have a possibility to check the ApolloX.
I will post a comment when I’ll get an opportunity to try it.

In any case thank you for support.