Dahlia V1.0 Debug Port Must be connected

I am using Dahlia Carrier Board v1.0 with Verdin iMX8MP Q 4GB WBIT module.

I have noticed the Debug Port must be connected to a host for the board to become operational.
The schematic (page 18 Revision V1.0) shows VBUS of Debug Port is used to power this subsystem. I am guessing this is a requirement for proper operation.


  1. Is this needed for a custom design of a carrier board?
  2. What is the purpose of such a power arrangement?

I am doing the design of a custom design and for debug purposes UART3 and UART4 are connected to headers.


Hi @oscar.medina,

In order to help you better with your problem, could you please share more information with us?

  • Which version of your Dahlia Carrier Board are you using? v1.0A, v1.1A…
  • Which OS and version are you using? BSP, Torizon…
  • Do you really need to use UARTs 3 and 4? By default, UART3 is used to communicate with Cortex-M7.

Please, take a look at this article: Verdin Product Family Specification Update | Toradex Developer Center
There you can find relevant information about modifications between the version of the family that you’re using.

Best regards,