Dahlia Carrier Board Power System Question

I’m developing a board starting off with the Dahlia Carrier board Rev. 1.1. I’m wondering if the “UV/OV/OC/REVERSE PROTECTION” Is necessary and more specifically is it just protecting my power supply from reverse voltage? I also cannot find the chip anywhere so I wasn’t sure if I needed to find replacements or if I could just remove the circuit and add a large capacitor to filter the incoming power?

It’s for module/carrier board protection against reverse power/battery connection and over current. For other possible power supply solutions please check chapter 3 Power Management of Verdin Carrier Board Design Guide.

@alex.tx in section (Reference Schematics for Single Cell Battery Power Approach) says “TBA”, what does it mean?

Hi @jbruno ,

The TBA means “To be announced”.

Were you able to find the solution you were looking for?

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Hi @daniel_m.tx
Thanks for your answer. I am looking for schematics for the single cell battery power approach.
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What exactly question(s) do you have about Single Cell Battery Power Approach described at Verdin Carrier Board Design Guide?

Thank you so much, I didn’t know there was a board design guide. Ch 3 was exactly what I needed.