Cutomize the return of SPI_GETOEMINFO

Is it possible in WinCE to customize the return of the SPI_GETOEMINFO to get my own product name?
Can I change this when I use the Standard Toradex Image (without Platform Builder)?

Here is the code example to get the info :

 TCHAR szPlatform[MAX_PATH];
    memset(szPlatform, 0, sizeof(szPlatform));
    if (SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETOEMINFO, MAX_PATH, szPlatform, NULL)) 
    		_tprintf(_T("%s"), szPlatform);  

By defaut this code return “Toradex”.
Thanks in advance,

This is currently not possible. These variables get setup quite early during boot and are hardcoded. There is no IOCTL to modify these variables.

Ok thank you for the clear answer @samuel.tx