Customizing Keyboard and Mouse HID Driver

Is it possible to customize the keyboard and mouse HID driver available in wince6 OS solutions? if so how to customize?

Dear @Sarika

Yes, it is possible to customize these drivers.
You need to use Microsoft’s Platform Builder to do so. Please be aware that Platform Builder is quite a complex tool and requires much more knowledge to successfully modify a driver, compared to regular application development.

Regards, Andy

Where and how can we develop our own driver in OS or BSP?

Dear @Sarika
I’m afraid I’m not sure if I did understand your question.

In Platform Builder

You have to learn how to use Platform Builder. This icludes a deep understanding of the C programming language, Windows CE internal driver structers, driver development and so on. Each of these topics fills books, and cannot be explained in a short message.

Regards, Andy