Custom TorizonCore terminal doesn't come up

Hi All,

I built a custom torizonCore image using the following .yaml file:

local: images/torizon-core-docker-verdin-imx8mp-Tezi_5.6.0+build.13.tar
splash-screen: toradexlinux.png
- changes/
- device-trees/include/
custom: device-trees/dts-arm64/imx8mp-verdin-wifi-dev.dts # modify this file and find the suitable device tree .dts
- device-trees/overlays/verdin-imx8mp_lt8912_overlay.dts # find the suitable overlay .dts
- key1=val1
- key2=val2
local: output_directory

and I flashed the generated image using Toradex easy installer. However, after reboot the terminal didn’t come up!
I was able to see the loading sign with the splash image icone for few second, but after few second the monitor is blank with no access to terminal.

What should I do to access to the terminal?


Hi @user123456789 ,

What carrier board are you using?

How are you trying to access the terminal exactly? Via SSH or serial connection?

What are the contents of the changes directory?

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Lucas Akira

I am using Dahlia carrier board V1.1A
I am trying to access it through a serial connection. My /changes directory is empty, is it ok to leave empty or should it contains some list of folder? and will this impact the output image if it was empty?

EDIT: Modified the question for clarity

I forgot to answer this, but the monitor being blank after the splash screen is expected, given that your custom image doesn’t bundle any containers. Without any graphical program starting after the OS initializes, nothing shows up on the monitor.

Usually the directories referenced in the filesystem part of the YAML contain most modifications (e.g. addition/deletion of files) made in /etc/ of a selected SoM with TorizonCore: it’s the result of torizoncore-builder isolate, although you can also do so manually.

Leaving the directory empty shouldn’t cause any problems as far as I know, though you could remove this part in your tcbuild.yml if your custom image doesn’t need to have any changes to /etc.

Could you confirm the following?

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks again for your answer I appreciate it. I was a bit confused, I didn’t know that I am not supposed to access to see a GUI.
Just to confirm, yes I was able to access the terminal through serial connection (/dev/ttyUSB3)
and to make it work I had to change permission: chmod 0777 /dev/ttyUSB3 and I was able to access the board with no issues

No problem! Glad you managed to solve it.

Just keep in mind that changing permissions in /dev/ is usually not recommended. Normally you would add your user to a group like dialout that gives you the necessary permissions to use tty ports.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

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Thanks for the advice, I added my USB to the dialout group and it works
Much appreciated

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