Custom image imx7

Hi all,

I am developing with QT device creation, and we would like to field test a unit (we are developing a wireless sensor so this is primarily a hardware test.) Currently we boot to the b2qt image, on an SD Card, but for the field test I would like to put the environment on the iMX7’s flash memory so that I remove the risk of the SD card shifting.

I have contacted QT about this and believe I have compiled everything correctly, I have a ubifs image, but I am not super familiar with uboot environment variables. I have the blk.img produced by the b2qt image, the one produced by Toradex in your 2.7 image, and I have looked at the to see if I could figure out how to put my rootfs on the flash.

But I am lost.
Can anyone help me figure out what information I need to include to write the kernel and rootfs to flash?

I assume it is just a matter of correctly setting the environment but I’m not sure what information I might need to change.

#Migrate to UBI volume based boot schema
setenv prepare_kernel_fdt 'ubi create kernel 0x800000 static && ubi create dtb 0x20000 static'
setenv prepare_m4firmware 'ubi create m4firmware 0xe0000 static'
setenv prepare_rootfs 'ubi create rootfs 0 dynamic'
setenv prepare_ubi 'ubi part ubi && if ubi check rootfs; then if ubi check kernel; then else ubi remove rootfs && run prepare_kernel_fdt && run prepare_m4firmware && run prepare_rootfs; fi; else run prepare_kernel_fdt && run prepare_m4firmware && run prepare_rootfs; fi'

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated as we would like to begin testing soon, and the documentation reguarding uboot is not concise.


hi EB,

Which version of Boot to Qt are you using? If you use version 5.9.3 or higher, then you will get a tezzy image when you compile qt. This tezzy image you can flash using Toradex Easy Installer.

I am currently using Boot to QT version 5.9.2.
I will look into 5.9.3. Thank you for the tip.

you are welcome.