Current Linux roadmap and upstream plans

I see that there has been some successful upstream effort with Apalis i.MX8. Do you have a current upstream roadmap? Can you provide any announcements or feedback as things progress?

Secondarily, do you have a roadmap for work beyond 5.15?

Hey @Russ,

Great question. I asked some of our team members for some highlights. The short answer is there isn’t a specific roadmap that we can point to. But we do have the overall goal and workload pointing towards supporting upstream as a first approach.

As you may know, each SoC has different levels of functionality that is supported upstream. Today imx6 and imx7 are fully supported upstream. The Verdin IMX8M mini and Verdin IMX8M Plus have good coverage. And the Apalis IMX8 and Colibri IMX8X are below. The IMX8s still need their upstream support to mature, which is mostly out of our control. But, as my BSP teammember said, “we’re doing our homework to make sure our modules are supported by the upstream kernel as soon as the support allows.”

This may not be the answer you are looking for, but hopefully it gives an indication of whats on the rise. It’s important that we get/see customer requests for mainline so we can focus our energy towards what people are wanting.

-Eric + Team