CSI camera issue on Apalis TK1 under linux

Dear Support Team,

we are testing OV5640 based CSI camera sensor with Apalis TK1, BSP version is V2.6.1 beta2 and V2.7 beta1 with nVidia Jetpack L4T installed, and found issue as below:

  1. after loading driver manually as below, the first time we start gstreamer pipeline to capture camera, it works perfectly.

    $sudo rmmod nvhost_vi
    $sudo modprobe videobuf2-dma-contig
    $sudo modprobe ov5640
    $sudo modprobe tegra_camera
    $gst-launch-0.10 -v v4l2src queue-size=1 ! 'video/x-raw-yuv,format=(fourcc)UYVY,width=1920,height=1080' ! xvimagesink
  2. but stop the pipeline with “Ctrl-C” and re-start the same pipeline, their is many timeout prompt messages printed and the captured video becomes heavily lagging.

  3. this issue will keep the above status until removing the “tegra_camera” driver and re-loading the driver, then it will still works for only the first time running gstreamer pipeline.

  4. we have also tested the same HW setup with Apalis iMX6 with V2.6 version BSP and Apalis T30 with V2.7 version BSP, all works fine with gstreamer pipelines.

  5. the full log and hw setup photo are in the attachment, kindly please help check and advise on this.

Thanks and Best Regards


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Initial camera bring-up was only done as a means of validating the hardware and specific sensor support was very limited (e.g. notice the comment in the following commit). Our camera partner Antmicro worked some more on this and we have some more patches available on our -next branch. Please note however that e.g. the OV5640 sensor so far has only be validated at a 640x480 resolution. The full validation is planned once we receive our prototype OV5640 digital camera module (DCM) later this or the next month.