Cross Compiler for Apalis iMX6Q in C++

I have followed OpenEmbedded (core) - Toradex System/Computer on Modules and build 2.8b6 BSP and also installed SDK. Now I want to run opencv cpp codes on the development board. I have created a binary file. I am getting an error as ‘exec format error’ and how could i cross compile the codes to run them on the board and see the output??

Hi @hemasree

Did you cross compile the code for the ARM processor? Are you running the binary file on the module or host?

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hi @jaski.tx

No, I didnt find any solution how to cross comile for arm processor. whatever has been running is for host not for module. Now i need to cross compile it to run it on arm. Please suggest some idea regrding this

Hi, did you follow this?

hi @jaski.tx
I have followed this.

This site is for creating a custom image and custom SDK, that will be needed to cross compile your code.
So did this work? What exactly is your issue?

yeah, i built the image and SDK too using BSP 2.8b6 and opencv version 3.3 i am following this and now i am at preparing for cross compilation. I am getting the error while running the command
vim OpenCVConfig.cmake
i am facing the problem here below.
alt text

How did open the file? Please provide output as text, since the images in this are not very useful.