Create QT application

We have to struggle for creating a container and also create a QT application
Board Name: Toradex verdin development board V1.1E
Used OS: Torizon

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It’s unclear from your message. What exactly is your specific issue? With regards to creating a Qt application fro Torizon OS, we do provide an extension for Visual Studio Code to assist in development if you want. This extension comes with a few Qt-based templates. More details about this can be found on this article here: Qt on Torizon OS | Toradex Developer Center

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We have the Verdin Development board V1.13. but we have encountered numerous issues while attempting to run the Qt application directly from the container. This has resulted in several errors. While we understand that Qt applications typically run directly in a Linux environment, the concept of containers has been somewhat confusing for us.
Additionally, it’s worth noting that our operating system is **


**. We need training in cross-compilation, enabling hardware ports in Qt, container handling, and frame buffer.

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We have sent reply for this same question asked on email. Please check.

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Ritesh Kumar

Your QT executable is the “ENTRYPOINT” or “CMD” in container, so running container is the same as running your QT executable.

We usually do QT widgets applications. I had QT widgets application in Ubuntu, we just copied all files to Visual Studio projects, run “uic mainwindow.ui -o ui_mainwidow.h”, then container with QT will be created. I guess if you know QML it will be more easier.