Create bootable sdcard with Yocto for Verdin i.mx8mm

I was able to generate an image using Yocto but I can’t figure out how to get the image into the mmc.

I tried extracting the tezi image to an sdcard and load it with easy installer. Easy installer finds the image on the sdcard and allows me to install it but when I try to boot U-Boot tells me

** unrecognized filesystem type **

I found a webinar that indicated the tezi archive should include a script for building the sdcard but I dont have one in my archive. If I use the dd of=/dev/mmblk0 I lose the ext4 partition on my sdcard and gparted tells me its an unknown filesystem which makes sense.

If someone could point me in the right direction to load Yocto images I would really appreciate it.

Please follow this instructions.

Which image version did you try to build?

I’m not sure where I was going wrong but those were the instructions I was using. Eventually I was able to boot an image and through all the suffering I understand it much better. What must I add to the sdcard to cause its contents to be copied to eMMC? Up until now all the hardware I have used did that step automagically.

If you want to flash the eMMC, the only method we support is with Toradex Easy Installer. While it may be possible to flash the eMMC directly from the SD card we do not document or support any such method.