Create a new project for WinCE8 in VS2008 & windows 10


i developed a simple application for WinCE8 in windows 10 & VS2008 follow instruction from this link > Create a new project. at the step 12, they mention to connect the Toradex Board to the PC using a USB cable. But here i can’t Connect the Toredax Apalis Evaluation Rev.1.1 Board to my laptop used USB. i opened Windows Mobile Device Center And it shows that Not Connected.

How to Solve this Problelm ? Here i attached some pictures for more details .

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Click Here for more Pictures

Dear @MK11

I’m sorry for the very late reply to your question. It was tagged as a hardware question and ended up in the wrong department.

The issue is that WInCE8 (WEC2013) does not support ActiveSync. To debug a WEC2013 application, you need to use Ethernet as a debug interface.

Regards, Andy