CPU load Qt core app on iMX6

i have implement an core app using qt and run it on iMX6S Toradex ConsoleImage with kernel 4.1.35.
I wonder after i have show the cpu usage htop. the cpu usage is very high. I have compare it with Toradex LXDE Image same version and it looks like that the cpu usage is pretty low.

i thought that console image maybe resources saver than LXDE variant or did i do something wrong?


I expect that if you build console-tdx-image and angstrom-lxde-image and execute them on your module that the console-tdx-image in idle will show a similar but lower CPU load compared to what the angstrom-lxde-image in idle will show.

But it looks like you added Qt components and your Qt Application to the image and that you execute that Qt Application. So my guess is that your application does indeed consume the CPU, either while it does something useful or while it is busy waiting for something to happen.

‘htop’ lists the running processes and sorts them by used CPU time. So you actually should see what process is the culprit for the CPU load.