CPU configuration for WEC7 after bootup

We use Colibri T30 that runs on image build version 2.0 (CE7.0, TEGRA) (built on March 2017). I had always assume the T30 will run with 4 CPU cores enabled after startup until I used Colibri Task Manager to monitor CPU usage.

When I bring up Task Manager for the first time, it shows that only CPU core1 is enabled and the other 3 CPU cores are off in the the Performance tab. This comes as a surprise as I would think multui-core usage should be better in general and would be default.

Here is my question -
Is it really that the WEC 7.0 is running on single core after power up as default in Colibri T30?
If the answer is yes, how do I turn on multi-core usage in automatically/grammatically?
Is there any situation that you would advise users using single core rather than multi-core?


Dear @MichaelFang

Multicore operation is activated by default. What you see is the automatic power management in action - if the CPU load is low enough, some cores get disabled to reduce the power consumption. Try to run some applications which load the CPU, and you will see that the other cores are turned on automatically.

We recommend to use this automatic setting in order to keep the CPU temperature low. The drawback is some delay when the other cores need to be turned on.

If you need better real-time performance, and don’t care about the additional heat, you can disable this power management.

Under normal circumstances, there’s no reason to completely disable multicore operation. There are rare cases where we suspect program crashes caused by less-than-perfect task synchronization. In such cases it sometimes makes sense to limit the CPU to one core to assure that there are not two tasks executed at the very same time on different cores.

Regards, Andy

Thanks, Andy. Good to know!