Cortex-m4 and Rpmsg portability between imx7D and imx8

Good morning,

I have a linux based project driving real time signals through IMX7D cortex-m4 core.

I’d like to evaluate portability effort on moving cortex-m4 code and Rpmsg linux code to a different module like imx8 or imx8x.

Am i expecting a huge work or the ecosystem from my actual setup just slightly differ from newer im8/x modules?

We have no time to rebuild our project from scratch.

Thanks in advance.


Greetings @Debbio!

As far as I’ve tested, the M4 cores on the iMX7 and the iMX8 seem very similar and so is the RPMsg implementation. Also, FreeRTOS itself takes care of a lot of the abstraction.

I believe your software should be easily portable - at most you’ll need to redefine things like pin assignments. The bulk of the code should remain the same.

As far as BSP are similiar on this topic i was expecting the same, of course i have to review IOs and device tree.
Thank you.

You are welcome. Did you make progress on this topic?

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